Who We Help

In almost every case, patients arrive at our office feeling frustrated and overwhelmed that they have been unable to find relief from a chronic health condition. They’ve been to many different specialists only to be told that there is nothing wrong or that the cause of the condition cannot be found. Our first message to our patients is that “We work for you.”  We are here to help you address the root cause of your condition and develop a support plan that promotes improved health.  

Functional Medicine helps relieve, and in many cases, reverse a variety of symptoms and diseases. Here are a few more common conditions that we support:

Autoimmune disorders
Thyroid Conditions
Chronic Fatigue
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis
Nutritional Imbalances
Hormone Imbalances
Sleep Disturbances
Physical Rehabilitation
Chronic Pain
Metabolic Disorders

What we do and who we are